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My Artist Statement

For over twenty years, my passion for photography has only increased. Starting out at age 15 with my first all manual 35 mm camera, I was finally capturing on film what my mind’s eye had been composing and framing all along. Starting out in high school and college working in the darkroom, I have eventually transitioned to a digital format, without entirely abandoning film! Although my focus early on was to pursue my studies and career in the education and social service fields, my desire has always been to pursue my photography more seriously.

Attending Rhode Island School of Design and Maine Media Workshop's summer residency program has allowed me to study the art and craft of photography in more depth. As the world continues to fascinate me, so do the many genres of photography. It is difficult to limit myself in terms of labeling my photographic interests. They range from portraying idyllic scenery in traditional composition to the abstract and surreal, from the classic portrait to the interpretive self-portrait. My work as a freelance photographer has been in the area of  fine art, environmental portraiture, event, product and wedding photography.

~Melanie LaMountain

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